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Who isn't Jesus in Texas?

    Adobo on chicken. Reminded. Old house smelled. Grease. Dad put up fans. Mom slaved. Sweat smothered food. Salty. Put on the brown table. Still have that. Repaired. Sam climbed. Ate. Dad took the belt. Poor dog. Never listened. My son. The same. No belt. Wet sleeves. Not changed. Ate chicken. Always Adobo. Coffee afterward. Hot. Like outside. Went to TV. Turned on. Church on fire. God. Sad man. Sad world. Turned off. Stepped outside. Son came. Visited friends. Raised hand. Zippo. Distant smoke. Jesus. He said. Jesus.

Nathan Nicolau

Art: “Summon” by Flora Horton

Words by Nathan Nicolau

Nathan Nicolau is a writer/poet based in Charlotte, NC. He is currently an English student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He published his first poetry collection in 2019. He is currently working on his first novel.


Twitter: @nathanjnicolau 

Instagram: @nj.nicolau


Art by Flora Horton

Flora is a photographer and graphic designer from LA, and recently moved to Missoula, MT, with her Maine Coon, Buttercup, and her cockatoo, Bubbles, who get along better than you might think. She primarily enjoys digital collage. Flora is the in-house artist at Unstamatic.

Component images courtesy

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