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What God Does in a Grocery Store

      I once came across God in a grocery store. I first caught sight of Him standing by the bananas—He was changing them green to yellow, then back to green. I approached Him. He laughed like a child and ran down an aisle. The bananas were left green. I again saw his handiwork when I passed by the pumpkins. Overgrown, and sickly marked. I ran through the store looking for Him, pushing past idle shoppers reaching for cans on the top shelf. I wanted to tell them, "Put the canned peas back! There’s no knowing what mischief has been played." 

Kemal Onor

Art: "Ripe" by Flora Horton

Story by Kemal Onor

Kemal Onor has an MFA in writing from the Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College. His work has been featured in The Offbeat, West Texas Literary Review, The Tishman Review, The Flexible Persona, ZPublishing House's Vermont's Best Emerging Poets, and more. His work is forthcoming in Metafore Magazine. He has twice received the JSC/VSC Fellowship award. His work has been nominated for Best Micro Fiction. He lives in Vermont.

Art by Flora Horton

Flora is a photographer and graphic designer from LA, where she lives with her Maine Coon, Buttercup, and her cockatoo, Bubbles, who get along better than you might think.

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