Spring Snapshot Contest


We challenged you to respond to our image prompt with fewer than 10 lines or 100 words. After several rounds of judging, we're proud and honored to present our selections for our first-ever Snapshot Contest.

Olivia Caldwell is a Division II student at Hampshire College studying Poetry, Photography, and Sociocultural Anthropology. She is a pun enthusiast and cat mom who spends much of her time watching mid-2000s dramatic television and considering the fate of humanity. Her work can be found in Forest For The Trees Literary Journal and Enigma Literary Magazine.

S. Preston Duncan is a caregiver and BBQist in Richmond, Virginia, and is currently training as an End of Life Doula. Recent aspirations include becoming the Jason Isbell of literature, stealing death's laughter, and transcendental pimento cheese. He is the former Senior Editor of local arts and culture publication, RVA Magazine. His poetry has appeared or been selected to appear in Tulane Review, Circle Show, Levee Magazine, Bottom Shelf Whiskey, and RVA Magazine (outside of editorship).

Aiysha Jahan is a TCK who grew up in Dubai and has lived and worked around the world. She enjoys travelling most of all and writes short stories and flash that explore identity and belonging. She is currently living in the UK and teaches writing.

Photograph by Kate Gardner

Kate is an artist and student in Missoula, Montana. While not primarily a photographer, she carries an old Canon she found at a yard sale, and which has lived in the Garden City longer than she has and knows its way around town.