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something Akin

to knowing

I realize standing in front of the grill

Listening to meat spit sizzle

That there is no need for heroes.

For once, maybe, it can be this—

Steaks and sweet corn. Sweet tea.

Motorcycles crashing through deep blue.

Flower blooms

spilling across an all too easy wind.

Korey Wallace

Photo: "Yellow Summer" by Carol Bedell

Poetry by Korey Wallace

Korey Wallace's poetry has appeared in many online journals. He writes, dreams, and overworks in Sioux City, Iowa.

Photography by Carol Bedell

Carol Bedell is a writer and photographer living in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband and two sons. She finds beauty everywhere and loves to capture it with her Canon and her pen. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and has traveled around the world for a Fortune 1 corporation.

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