Sam Cooke

Like a river running ever

Across the stormy tide

Life has been a thing that's too hard

Coming takes a long, long time

Where you sent me

With the angels singing

I want to dwell in that estate

Though don't know how far I have to go

But I know you, you, you...

David Lawton

Art: "Ndagarden" by PlantaRaieVilar

Poetry by David Lawton

David Lawton is the author of the poetry collection Sharp Blue Stream (Three Rooms Press), and serves as an editor for greatweatherforMEDIA. He has work featured currently in Voices From the Fierce Intangible World and Maintenant, and forthcoming in POST(blank), South Florida Poetry Journal and The Spirit, it Travels. David also collaborates with poet Aimee Herman in the poemusic collective Hydrogen Junkbox.

Art by PlantaRaieVilar

As a native of Philadelphia working in Baltimore and New York City, PlantaRaieVilar has exhibited extensively as a painter, mixed media artist and performer.

Her featured entry, "Ndagarden," from her Disclosure/Concealment series, explores the visceral and analytical impact of narrative and aesthetic forms. Images are provocated by identity, role play, colloquial expression along with the aesthetic influences of popular culture and social media.