I want to ask if you believe in ghosts, but I think asking if ghosts believe in you is an equally honest question. Reality is a subjective experience and I have seen the way those lights flicker to the music when no one is watching. We see the color yellow in anything that rings at 550 Hertz but we don’t have yellow cones in our eyes. Goldfish do, though. How do our yellows differ? Magenta is just what happens when the color wheel loops back around on itself, so why do you think a lifespan is any different?

Lee Anderson

Art: “Fractal” by Celestina Weis

Words by Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is a nonbinary writer from Portland, Oregon. They are an MFA candidate at Northern Arizona University, where they also serve as the Managing Editor of Thin Air Magazine. They have been published sporadically but with zest, forthcoming or appearing in places such as The Rumpus, Columbia Journal, and Back Patio Press.

Twitter: @bxfrizzle

Art by Celestina Weis

Celestina is a photographer and digital artist with a propensity for cloud gazing. Catch her around Seattle. You'll know her when you see her.