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    I knew a woman whose skin was made of mud. In bed, I’d covered her body with my handprints, mesmerized by the ability to leave my mark. She told me she loved me as globs of her sullied my sheets. I pushed her out of the bed. She told me we were in love and I was afraid, but she didn’t move when I ran away. I saw her with another man. Her skin was calcified like concrete, and I didn’t see the faintest hint of any mark, proof that I’d never been there at all.

E. Alexandra

Art by Jodie Filan

Prose by E. Alexandra

E. Alexandra lives in New Mexico and studied journalism and creative writing at NYU. Her work has been published in Eastern Iowa Review, Ink & Voices, and Prometheus Dreaming. She is working on a collection of short stories. Find her on Instagram at @ealexandrawriting.

Art by Jodie Filan

Jodie Filan is 26 and from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies. What influenced her art the most was a traumatic series of events leading to crack addiction. Losing her family and friends greatly impacted her style. Her art page is, she can be found on Instagram under Jodie Filan or Jodie Filan artwork.

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