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Deep Impact

The probe is soft as it slides through darkness,

darkness without depth, depth without depth,

because depth needs form, needs limits. Inside,

there may be one living being, may be millions:

without scale, it is impossible to gauge dimension,

to estimate its cargo. But there is life. Circuits

hum, engines pulse a complex destiny, forgetful

of the world in which it was set in motion. But

the probe dreams, dreams of a sky that is anything

but dark.

Oz Hardwick

Art: "Strange Blue Lights" by Sean Johnson

Poetry by Oz Hardwick

Oz Hardwick is a poet, photographer & occasional musician, living in the north of England. In recent years he has focused mainly on prose poetry, and his latest collection, 'The Lithium Codex,' was published by Hedgehog in July this year. In the same month, 'The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry,' which  Oz has co-edited with Anne Caldwell, was published, showcasing some of the most exciting contemporary work in the form in the UK.

Art by Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson was born in Houston, Texas where she attended University of Houston. There she majored in Education and minored in Art. Though she has always been a writer, her interest in visual arts began in 2014. Since that time she has been a featured painter, exhibition artist, and vendor at Block Market, Black Girl Excellence, Survivor Seminar, Midtown Arts Center, and a host of other events. Sean has had two art exhibitions to date, and her work has been published in The Hunger , Boston Accent Lit, Homology Lit, Les Femmes Folles, and Street Light Press.

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