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coming home/coming of age

the sun heats his 2009 altima, used, 
rusted red, the one his cousin 
sold him for cheap. it gets so hot 
it might spark— a soup can in a 
microwave. when it sets alight 
it will turn into a bonfire, spurred 
on by unleaded fumes. he can stay
in the car and burn or go inside and burn
the last stage is the longest
but only if you survive to get there

Paxton Knox

Art: “Slow Burn” by Flora Horton

Poetry by Paxton Knox

Paxton Knox is a queer poet and writer, with work appearing in detritus, Apricity Magazine, and Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine. They can be found driving the backroads of Oklahoma, scouring the scenery for inspiration.

Art by Flora Horton

Flora is a photographer and graphic designer from LA, and recently moved to Missoula, MT, with her Maine Coon, Buttercup, and her cockatoo, Bubbles, who get along better than you might think. She primarily enjoys digital collage. Flora is the in-house artist at Unstamatic.

"Slow Burn" features an element from "Chevy Men: 1972," courtesy

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