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Prayed in the stacks of a University library
for divine favor wrought with ambition
and was charged a fee: a dollar
for every time I didn’t follow through,
just kept selling interests,
one hobby for another,
my heart for a relic rare enough
for no one to appreciate my reverence.
So I gave it back, stopped feeling awe altogether.

Timothy Tarkelly

Art: “Little Recess" by Flora Horton

Poetry by Timothy Tarkelly

Timothy Tarkelly's work has appeared in The Daily Drunk, As It Ought To Be Magazine, Back Patio Press, and many others. He has two poetry collections published by Spartan Press: Luckhound (2020) and Gently in Manner, Strongly in Deed: Poems on Eisenhower (2019). When he's not writing, he teaches in Southeast Kansas.

Art by Flora Horton

Flora is a photographer and graphic designer from LA, and recently moved to Missoula, MT, with her Maine Coon, Buttercup, and her cockatoo, Bubbles, who get along better than you might think. She primarily enjoys digital collage. Flora is the in-house artist at Unstamatic.

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