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And the dead undergo a great transformation,

not by the worm and the dust

but by the misremembering living

who slowly make them into themselves.

Merridawn Duckler

Art by Jodie Filan

Prose by Merridawn Duckler

Merridawn is a poet and installation artist from Portland, Oregon and author of INTERSTATE, dancing girl press. Recent work in Ninth Letter, Pithead Chapel, Queen Mob’s Tea House, museum of americana. Fellowships/awards include Yaddo, Southampton Poetry Conference, Poets on the Coast, Sundress Academy. Merridawn is also an editor at Narrative and at the philosophy journal Evental Aesthetics.

Art by Jodie Filan

Jodie Filan is 26 and from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies. What influenced her art the most was a traumatic series of events leading to crack addiction. Losing her family and friends greatly impacted her style. Her art page is, she can be found on Instagram under Jodie Filan or Jodie Filan artwork.

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