About Us

Unstamatic pairs one flash prose/poetry submission with a complementary visual art submission to create each new issue. We publish online, and our full archive is available right here on our website. 

We aim to publish twice a month.


Who are you?

We’re a (small) team of writers from a handful of secondary disciplines —graphic design, editing, even marketing — based in Missoula, Montana. Unstamatic is the little niche we’ve carved out of the internet to share art in a format all our own.

I’ve submitted, when will I hear back?

We try to respond to submissions within about a month or so. If it’s been longer than this, shoot us an email at unstamatic@gmail.com.

I’d like to know why my submission was declined

We wish we could critique each declined work, but with the volume of submissions we receive, it’s just not possible. We might pass on a submission for a host of reasons, the most common being it doesn’t adhere to our length rules. We’re open-minded, but poke around our previous issues to get a feel for what we like.

Why do you charge a submission fee?

The fee helps us pay our contributors, maintain the website, and pay for our submission service, Submittable. We feel that a $2.50 fee keeps submissions accessible while also sustaining our publication. If for whatever reason you can't swing it, shoot us an email and we'll send you a fee-free link, no questions asked.

You pair writing and visual art submissions for each issue, but what if you can't find a companion piece for my writing/art?

We've learned to put faith in serendipity, but in the case we don't have a good match in our inbox, we'll commission or solicit an appropriate piece to display alongside yours. It's also worth noting that we do not accept or reject pieces based on their compatibility with others. All submissions are evaluated independently, and only after we've approved a submission for publishing do we consider finding it a companion piece.

I want to submit a pair of writing and visual art to be published together!

Great! We have a special form for that, but right now we only give it out to those who specifically ask. Hit up our email (unstamatic@gmail.com) to inquire, and we'll hit you with that link.

I’ve got some other submission-related questions…

Please refer to our submissions page and our Submittable portal. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Direct your question to unstamatic@gmail.com!

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Our contributors retain all copyrights to their respective works, and these works may only be reproduced at their discretion.