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A Small Child Understands Death

You are tattoos, like scattered buoys on a white lake.

I asked you “what will become of me?”

When the ride stops, and everything is cold and green again,

And that phobic spotted thing comes back.

What I fear most is how our eyes wander.

We will echo chaos back and forth across the wood fire

And I will grow sick to my stomach.

That is my penance, to watch you fade away.

Ellery Pridgen

Art: "Form Becoming/Arriving" by Ann-Marie Brown

Poetry by Ellery Pridgen

Ellery Pridgen is an 18-year-old student living in Washington state. Currently, she works part-time at a thrift store, and dreams of becoming a writer full-time.

Follow her Instagram @ellerypridgen

Art by Ann-Marie Brown

Ann-Marie Brown is a Canadian painter working in encaustic and oil. Her figurative works have been exhibited across Canada & the United States.

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